​ARA Solutions provides practical guidance to assist you in finding the right Occupational Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Quality consultancy solutions for your organisation. We will ensure that the solution is suitable and sufficient to you and is compliant to the requirements of local legislation and internationally recognized standards. The following are some types of services we can provide to you as a leading HSEQ consultant team:

Risk Assessments


We guide you in the Risk assessments Process from identification of hazards to risk assessments and determining appropriate solutions and controls. We can help you in all aspects of hazard and risk management from procedures to risk assessment training for supervisors to senior management. 

Incident Investigations


We investigate accidents, incidents, injuries and near misses in regard to workplace situations to identify the factors that contributed to the incident and detail corrective and/or preventive actions needed to prevent a recurrence at some later time. Our analysis identifies the range of factors that contributed to the incident.  We also train persons within organisation on how to investigate incidents objectively to reduce the possibility of similar incidents occurring again. 

HSEQ Awareness Training


HSSEQ training by ARA Solutions consultants delivers a wide variety of unique tailor-made training courses designed to meet your training needs as opposed to providing standard off the off-the-shelf training and not off the shelf-training courses. Each organisation has training needs that may vary from workshops on safe handling of chemicals, to briefing sessions for senior management on latest or environmental legislation changes. The training course sessions provided by ARA Solutions are adapted accordingly, to take into account the level of details required by the participants and the subject matter 

HSEQ Audits and Inspections

All organisations should complete HSEQ audits/inspections to ensure that they are managing safety, environmental and quality functions to the best of their ability. ARA Solutions can conduct audits for you, to ensure that you are in compliance with good HSEQ practices or legislation in line with good corporate responsibility and sustainability guidelines.

Contractor Management

To meet emerging requirements, companies need to establish an effective automated contract management framework based on the principles of transparency, clear governance, absolute accountability and continuous improvement.

We provide complete services for Contractors HSE Management. Our services support your objectives for accident free operations.  Our scope include:

    • Contractors HSE qualification assessments

    • Contractor induction and orientation plan

    • Review and interfacing of contractors HSE documentation

    • HSE Audits and Inspections for performance management

We work with you to ensure that the operations are conducted and completed safely.

Emergency Response Planning


We provide complete Emergency and Crisis Management support. Our support includes development, 
implementation, training and exercise of emergency and crisis management plans. Our plans are risk based, optimal to the operational needs and focus on business continuity in various emergency scenarios. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to develop the complete model for you which suits best to your requirements.